Hi there!
I'm a photographer and youth development and education professional living in Brooklyn, NY.  I divide my time between shooting and youth dev work, and I love it. 
While I'm happy shooting just about anything, I specialize in portraiture.  My shooting style is super collaborative and I work/play hard to ensure that every subject feels comfortable and confident while we shoot, and is thrilled with their photos. You can read what folks have said about shooting with me in the testimonials below.
I am deeply committed to digital media literacy access, arts education, and youth voice initiatives. You can often find me teaching, developing curriculum, empowering teams through professional development, or working with awesome young people. You can keep up with my double life as an educator here
Beyond my passions for photography and education, I could be described as a notorious chocoholic, Muppet fanatic, amateur baker, pun enthusiast, museum junkie, nostalgia monster, and unseasonal Christmas caroler. 
Portrait of Jessye from the waist up, smiling at the viewer. She has brown hair that just passes her shoulders with bangs and is wearing a black tank top.
Jessye made me totally comfortable and helped us both get on the same page about the kind of photo / vibe I was looking for. She put on music and I felt totally at home. What I was most impressed by was her ability to direct me into getting the best poses. She was able to describe the slightest tilt of my chin with laser-like precision, resulting in the best professional headshots I've ever had in my life. 
- Laura, Professional Headshots
Jessye immediately understood the vibe I was going for, and was full of ideas for settings and concepts that would help me get the picture I wanted. She was also exceptionally attentive to my needs and made sure I felt comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Her charm and enthusiasm really helped me to come out of my shell, and the shot of me looks really genuine as a result. She checked in constantly to make sure that I was in good spirits, to make sure I liked the pictures we were getting, to run new ideas by me... she had my needs in mind 100% of the time. The photos are exactly what I wanted. I'm thrilled with them.
- Chris, Portrait
Jessye let me choose the music and take my time to get ready so that I didn't feel rushed or pressured. She gave me encouraging feedback and allowed me to do whatever I wanted while still guiding me based on what she saw. Jessye made me feel very comfortable to take risks and make a fool of myself. I was able to delve deep into intimate, vulnerable expression because she did everything to create a supportive space full of positive energy. I had an absolute blast!
- Theydy Bedbug, Drag Portraits
Jessye gave me the full attention leading up to the photoshoot and offered great advice throughout planning the shoot. She was incredibly attentive to details regarding timing, location, gear necessary to the shoot, and making sure it was what myself and fiancé wanted. We felt incredibly comfortable the entire time during the shoot and more like we were hanging out while getting great images to share with our friends and family.
-Russell, Engagement Photos
Jessye is extremely down to earth and always 100% authentic Jessye. That and the endless positive vibes make for a wonderful experience. She also allowed an extended time for the shoot based on what I wanted to accomplish. Not everyone is willing to do that. As a subject, I was made to feel extremely comfortable. As she expressed her opinion on potential poses, lighting, etc., I always knew she was trying to get the best shot possible. I am SO HAPPY (yes, all caps) with how [the photos] turned out. Everything that I thought might have been a challenge when getting to the final edits was more than handled in her capable hands.
- Ruby T. Moon, Drag Portraits
Jessye was incredibly friendly, understanding, and accommodating. She not only made me a portrait that I love, but made the whole experience wonderful as well. I normally hate having my picture taken, and it usually shows, so I was a little nervous going in. But Jessye was able to put me at ease and I ended up enjoying the session! She gave really clear, easily understandable directions, and guided me through the whole process, which was really helpful for me. She was very respectful of my needs and preferences for the portrait, but also gave me a lot of good feedback that helped to shape the final product. All in all, she made me feel really comfortable and made the whole experience very fun!
- Tonya, Professional Headshots
Jessye is super friendly and easy to work with, very welcoming and accommodating! Having the option to put on some music was a nice touch too. I felt very comfortable! I felt there was a good amount of discourse happening: I felt Jessye was open to whatever I wanted to try, but she was also happy to suggest things for me to play with if I was stuck, and she regularly offered to show me the shots as we went, so I could better adjust what I was doing. I think the two [photos] I ended up with really capture two very important sides of my drag: sometimes I'm goofy and cheesy, and sometimes I'm more subdued and thoughtful. My pics definitely reflect that.  
- Mercury Divine, Drag Portraits
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